Consumers Trust Print Advertising More than Online

Consumers trust newspaper advertising over online advertising, finds a recent report by the Nielsen Company.

The report, Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages, found that traditional newspaper advertising is among the most trusted forms of paid advertising. The survey was conducted in early 2013 and polled 29,000 internet respondents from across the globe.

As newspapers face renewed efforts in 2014 to pull public notices from newspapers onto the Web, it is crucial for legislators to understand the importance of newspapers as a trusted source of content for consumers.

Of particular note regarding newspapers in the report, 67% of respondents trust editorial content such as newspaper articles and 61% of those polled trust ads in newspapers. Conversely, only 42% of respondents trust online banner ads.

The survey also polled consumers about how much action they take based on an advertisement. The results here found that 65 percent take action from an ad in a newspaper. Only 50%  say they take action from an online banner ad.