Letter: Public Notice Might as Well Have Been in Swahili

The following is a letter to the editor of the Longmont (Colo.) Times-Call published on the newspaper’s website on March 9.

To the Editor:

What is public notice 02-2017-14 published on March 3, 2017, about? Vacation? What is a PUD? Where is Blue Vista? How can anyone be expected to make comments or decisions based on a map that is printed so small that it is unreadable — it could have been in Swahili for all it is worth.

When I see very small print, I immediately think someone is trying to hide something from me. Seems to me that the legal requirements for public notice would be better served with a paragraph or two explaining what the ordinance is about — in plain English with reference to where the documents can be seen in person or where they could be reviewed online.

Bill Butler, Longmont

Times-Call Editor’s note: A PUD, or planned unit development, is a zoning district that encourages land planning and site designs that conform with community quality-of-life benchmarks and that achieve a high level of environmental sensitivity, energy efficiency and aesthetics, among other goals. Blue Vista is a development on Quail Road, just south of the Longmont Recreation Center, that opened in 2007.