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Use this form to submit your entry. Upload scanned story clip(s) using the upload button at the bottom of the form. The contest rules are posted below the form.

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Contest Rules

  • Stories published in newspapers based in Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah are not eligible to participate. The winners of the public notice reporting category in state press association journalism contests are the only newspapers qualified to enter the PNRC contest in those states.
  • The deadline for receipt of entries is the close-of-business on TBA. Only entries received prior to the deadline will qualify.
  • Entries must consist of a news story or series initially prompted by a public notice that drew attention to the subject, or in which a public notice or the omission of a public notice figured heavily in the reporting. Stories should reference and/or provide a link to the notice; or if the story is based on a public notice requirement that was not met or was deficient, it must describe the deficiency.
  • Editorials or opinion pieces about public notice DO NOT qualify.
  • For purposes of this award, a public notice is an¬†announcement or disclosure the law requires a government unit or private party to publish in a statutorily qualified newspaper.
  • All stories that form the basis of an entry must have been published in print in calendar year 2018. (Winning entries from state press association contests may have been published earlier.)
  • In addition to the story, entries must include a copy of the original public notice that was the source or subject of the reporting.
  • Clippings must be scanned or saved from print copies of the newspaper and uploaded via the form as a PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, DOC or DOCX file. (There’s a 10MB limit for each of the four file upload fields in the form.) The date of publication should appear somewhere on a clipping.
  • Entries may be accompanied by a brief explanation (one single-spaced page or less) that provides context about the story and/or a description of its impact. The explanation should be uploaded along with the other story file(s).