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The Public Notice Resource Center collects and analyzes legislation and judicial opinions from around the country. Subscribing partners can learn more about their state’s laws and relevant court cases by choosing from the links on this page.

Many states have laws to determine which newspapers may be used to satisfy public notice requirements. PNRC is pleased to provide each state’s eligibility laws, exclusively for subscribing partners.

The several states of the United States each maintain their own laws regarding the enactment, recording, and publication of ordinances and resolutions. Information about each state’s laws are available for subscribing partners.

Many states maintain laws regarding rates for publication of public notices. PNRC has complied Information about each state’s rate laws exclusively for subscribing partners.

PNRC tracks the status of public notice legislation in all 50 states. Subscribers have easy access to PNRC’s State Legislative Chart, which is updated each month.

Fisher v. Rutherford County Regional Planning Commission, heard in the Chancery Court for Rutherford County, Tennessee, centers around the proposed construction of a mosque in Rutherford County, and whether or not the county’s planning commission provided adequate public notice about the project. An archive of the case and its public notice elements is available for subscribing partners.