Survey Data

This page features survey data measuring the use of and/or support for public notices in newspapers and on government websites. The surveys were conducted by professional polling and market research firms on behalf of journalism and newspaper associations across the U.S. The PDFs linked below include announcements about survey results and/or summary data from the surveys.

2017 – U.S. (Pulse Research)

2017 – U.S. (National Newspaper Association, Susquehanna Polling)

2017 – North Dakota (North Dakota Newspaper Association, Pulse Research)

2016 – Mississippi (Mississippi Press Association, Pulse Research)

2016 – Iowa (Iowa Newspaper Association, Newton Marketing and Research)

2015 – Georgia (Georgia Press Association, American Opinion Research)

2014 – Indiana (Hoosier State Press Association, American Opinion Research)

2014 – South Dakota (South Dakota Newspaper Association, Pulse Research)

2013 – California (California Newspaper Publishers Assoc., Center for Advanced Social Research)

2013 – Minnesota (Minnesota Newspaper Association, Scarborough Research)

2011 – Ohio (Ohio News Media Association, American Opinion Research)

2011 – Arizona (Arizona Newspapers Association, Arizona Republic online survey)

2008 – Arizona (Arizona Newspapers Association, Belden Associates)

Older Surveys

More than half of Iowans “usually” or “sometimes” read legal or public notices in a newspaper, such as public notices on a tax increase, zoning change or minutes of local government meetings. Iowa Public Notice Survey 2009

89% of Kentucky residents say they’d be most likely to access public notices in a newspaper. Selected Results from the Advertising & Media Use Survey

Nearly two-thirds of Michigan voters oppose letting government post notices online. Michigan – 2011 Readership Survey

26% of Missouri residents said newspapers were the  medium from which they got the most information to make their voting decisions in November 2010. Missouri Public Notice Survey – December 2010

On June 12, 2012, residents of North Dakota cities voted on the question of whether their city should print the minutes of city government in their newspaper. 83% voted “yes.” Click here for details.

The vast majority of Ohio adults (almost nine in 10) say keeping the public informed through legal advertising is an important requirement for government agencies. Ohio Advertising Media Use in Ohio (May 2011)

More than 8 in 10 South Dakotans believe state and local government should be required to publish such legal and public notices in the newspaper on a regular basis. South Dakota Public Notice Survey

Virginia Press Association survey shows that 63% would read public notices less often if they were placed on government websites.  Keep the Light on Public Notices in Virginia Newspapers (December 2011)

More than 86% of Washington state readers believe state and local governments should be required to publish legal and public notices in newspapers on a regular basis. Washington State Combined Reader Survey