Census Report Shows 25% of Americans Lack Internet Access

A recently-released report from the United States Census Bureau reports that more than 25% of American households remain without an internet connection in their home. Data from 2013 shows that 74.4% of American households use the internet, with 73.4% reporting a high speed internet connection.

The study, Computer and Internet Use in the United States: 2013, reports that household computer ownership and Internet use were most common in homes with relatively young householders, in households with Asian or White householders, in households with high incomes, in metropolitan areas, and in homes where householders reported relatively high levels of educational attainment.

PNRC anticipates that 2015 will bring further attempts to move public notices onto government websites and more states possibly looking into using social media for public notices, all of which will difficult to access for those American households which remain without Internet access.