PNRC is Now Accepting Entries for the 2016 Public Notice Journalism Award!
State press associations are urged to begin reviewing their Better Newspaper Contest entries to nominate stories for the 2016 Public Notice Journalism award. Stories from 2014 or 2015 are eligible. Editorials are not considered. Entries should be news or feature stories that highlight the importance of public notice. Judges give positive weight to the use or linking of the public notice involved when there was one. The award is sponsored by the Public Notice Resource Center.

Entries may be submitted by email any time before February 1.

The award – including a $700 prize – will be presented in Washington, DC, on March 17, 2016.


Contact: Tonda Rush, 703 237 9806

The Public Notice Resource Center (PNRC) has named Bradley L. Thompson II to his third full term as president.  Thompson is chairman of Detroit Legal News Company and is a founding board member of PNRC, which was established in 2002.

He is a resident of Ann Arbor, MI, and is a member of the fifth generation of his family to lead the publicly-traded Michigan company. The Detroit Legal News Co. publishes 10 newspapers in Michigan. Thompson is also chairman of Printing Industries of America and a director of Michigan Press Association. He has a long history of involvement in civic organizations and currently serves as vice chair of the Clements Library at the University of Michigan.

PNRC is a non-profit organization created by the newspaper industry to collect, analyze, and disseminate information on public and private notifications to the public through local newspapers, and to educate the public on the value and use of its right to know. It is supported by newspaper organizations across the United States.

PNRC also named new officers and directors to an expanded board, which will focus on best practices for public notice in newspapers in an age of both print and digital notices.

Officers elected were:
As vice president, S. Richard Gard Jr, publisher of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin:
As treasurer, Scott Sibley, publisher of the Nevada Legal News, Las Vegas, NV;
As secretary, William F. Rector, publisher of The Daily Record, Little Rock, AR.

Directors elected were:
Michael Kramer, president of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin;
Hal Cohen, vice president and group publisher; ALM regionals, New York;
Vahn Babigian, general manager of the Metropolitan News Company, Los Angeles, CA

Serving ex officio:
Eric Barnes, publisher of the Memphis Daily News;
Greg Morris, president, IBJ Media/Court and Commercial Record, Indianapolis
Matt Walsh, Editor / CEO of Observer Media Group Inc., Sarasota, FL
Wayne Curtis, group publisher for American Lawyer Media, Atlanta, GA

Appointed to represent National Newspaper Association was Robert M. Williams Jr., publisher of the Blackshear (GA) Times.

PNRC Names Pennsylvania Reporter National Public Notice Journalism Award Winner

Lockwood lowres2Jim Lockwood, staff writer for The Times-Tribune, Scranton, Pennsylvania, is the winner of the 2015 Public Notice Journalism award. Lockwood is recognized for his deft incorporation of public notice information into his coverage of local government.

The award will be presented March 19 at the National Press Club.

A second-place award for 2015 will go to the Monroe County Reporter, Forsyth, Georgia, for team reporting on a school district’s attempts to acquire property by condemnation, over the landowner’s opposition. The district wanted to build a Fine Arts Center on the site, a project it eventually abandoned in the face of public opposition. The public notice figured into the story when the school board advertised its condemnation plans. 

PNRC President Bradley L. Thompson II, chairman and CEO of the Detroit Legal News, said Lockwood was chosen because his work was a pacesetter for journalists committed to informing their readers about the workings of local government.

“His coverage of a proposed new commuter tax was a terrific example. The city ran the notices, but citizens sued because they believed the action was taken too quickly and without sufficient information to the taxpayers. Lockwood’s story referred readers to the dates of the notices so they could check for themselves.  Another story drew citizens’ attention to a possible 12-story cell tower to be placed in a local park. The Federal Communications Commission was receiving comments on the tower, but the owner of the tower would not confirm that it was looking at the location,” Thompson said. “In these stories and several others, he scoured the public notices and drew the public’s attention to them.”

Thompson said PNRC is encouraging journalists to count public notices as a key resource in news-gathering.

“Many worthy stories come to light when newsrooms tap into the rich body of information that comes from public notices. They simply add to the value of the public notices in newspapers, where the public is likely to find them.  And they reinforce the importance of citizens’ participation in their government,” Thompson said.

Lockwood was recognized by Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association in its 2014 Public Notice award for his “persistent use of public notices in his reporting.”

The Public Notice Journalism award was established in 2013 by the Public Notice Resource Center, a consortium of newspaper organizations supporting public notice. The award is intended to encourage reporters and editors to incorporate public notices into their reporting and writing.

S.D. Newspaper Receives First Public Notice Journalism Award


Seth Tupper, publisher of the Mitchell (S.D.) Daily Republic, right, received his newspaper’s national Public Notice Journalism Award at the National Newspaper Association’s Leadership Summit at the National Press Club in Washington. Presenting the award was PNRC President Bradley L. Thompson II, chairman and CEO of the Detroit Legal News.

Bob Schieffer, long-time Washington correspondent for CBS News, lauded the Republic’s work during his keynote speech at NNA’s Leadership Summit. Read South Dakota Newspaper Association general manager Dave Bordewyk’s column about the award, and Schieffer’s mention of the newspaper.

PNRC Names First National Public Notice Journalism Award Winner

The Mitchell (S.D.) Daily Republic has been named the first recipient of the PNRC’s national Public Notice Journalism Award for 2014. The newspaper is recognized for a series inaugurated by an alert reader who spotted a payment by a local school board in a public notice. The reader’s tip to the newspaper led to a protracted open records lawsuit by the newspaper against the school district. The conclusion: the revelation of a $175,000 severance agreement with a former school superintendent that otherwise would not have reached the readers’ attention.

The award will be presented March 13 at the National Press Club. Republic editor Seth Tupper will receive the award on behalf of the newspaper.

PNRC President Bradley L. Thompson II, chairman and CEO of the Detroit Legal News, said the revelation of a secret, sealed agreement between the public body and its former employee was the type of public business that might have been swept aside if not for the public notice.

“(The series) all started with the reader who saw the payment in the legals and called us with the tip. Without those legals, I don’t believe anyone outside of the school district board and administration would ever have known about the amount or nature of the $175,000 agreement between the school district and the ex-superintendent,” Tupper said.

republic art

Thompson said the Republic’s reporting demonstrated why Americans need robust and viable public notice.

“This series is a terrific illustration of why it is important for governments to keep these notices where the public is likely to find them. The reader in this case helped to point to the story.  The reporting staff and their Freedom of Information lawsuit did the rest. We are honored to recognize this excellent series,“ he said.

The entry was selected from a pool of stories involving public notice that ran in US newspapers in 2013.

The Public Notice Journalism award was established in 2013 by American Court and Commercial Newspapers in partnership with state newspaper associations. It is intended to encourage reporters and editors to incorporate public notices into their reporting and writing.

In 2014, participating state press associations will begin to make Public Notice Journalism Contest awards within their own existing newspaper awards programs. A national winner will be selected in 2015 from top state candidates.

The winning series of stories can be read here:
Secretive contract ordered public – March 30, 2013
Secret agreement goes to court – May 2, 2013
Paper wins lawsuit against school – August 29, 2013
Secret agreement still secret – August 30, 2013
Huron secret agreement unsealed, read aloud – September 10, 2013
Amount of secret agreement confirmed – September 11, 2013
Column: We raise hell – because it’s our duty – September 11, 2013


2014 Public Notice Journalism Contest

The purpose of this contest is to recognize excellence in journalism that draws reader attention to public notices.

Download this information to share with your colleagues!

PRIZE: National award $700, Participating state awards $200
PNRC will provide sponsorships in participating states represented by members of American Court and Commercial Newspapers. State press associations in states without PNRC sponsors are encouraged to add the award to their own Better Newspaper Contests with local funding.

For purposes of these awards,the PNRC defines newspaper public notices as those announcements or disclosures the law requires a private party or governmental entity to publish in or through a statutorily qualified newspaper.

Stories must cite the public notice requirement and refer readers to the publication in which it appeared. Online references must include links. If the notice requirement was not met or was deficient, story must explain how and why notice was deficient.

Stories may have been published in print or digitally or both. Clippings must be scanned and provided from print copies. Digital copies must be screen scanned and accompanied by a statement by the author providing dates of publication.

National award winners will be selected from state association submissions and one winner from an at-large category.

Presentations of state winners may be made at time and place of sponsoring association’s choosing.

Presentation of national winner will be made at a recognized national association event. Judges will be recognized journalism scholars or professional leaders.

First full year of awards:
For publications in calendar year 2014 or year most recently judged in state contest

Entries due at PNRC by January 15, 2015. Email links for entries will appear at

One national award will be presented in March 2014 for a story published in calendar year 2013. No state awards will be given in 2014.

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